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tv   David Shepardson on General Motors Recalls  CSPAN  August 24, 2014 2:58pm-3:06pm EDT

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what is in those letters? is working overtime to get people to get the z eckels fixed. worldwide they recalled 2.6 million. anthose they fixed about hundred thousand. in this case it is about ensuring that the people who ordered the parts to their dealer get those parts fixed. some of them have not honored to follow through to get those parts. remember, when this issue first came to light in february and march, they did not have any parts. gm was paying for thousands of these cars. and they are still building parts in mass -- in mexico , so it will not complete the total production of parts until the end of october.
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in the meantime they have the parts and want the people to quickly get into the dealerships. owners of this new more in-depth website people can get more information on what the issue is specifically. issue is of course the victims of the crashes caused by the faulty parts. kenneth feinberg in that hearing talked about the process being "august 1. >> as of yesterday, ken feinberg told me that they had received 212 total claims. 87 of those are for people in fatal injuries. the key thing to remember is that they have not done any approval. these are the first stage of the review. they said that for simpler
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claims, the with the federal claims it will take up to 180 days, since the victims compensation fund will accept claims to the end of december, potentially the fund could be up and running through the middle of next year. at the same time there's a federal court in new york who is overseeing over 100 lawsuits covering more than 1000 items for a variety of ignition switch related claims, not just injuries but also economic loss claims. >> meanwhile the recalls go on. the headline in a piece you co-authored in the detroit news, gm recalls the largest for saturn vue, 66 so far. what is the company doing in terms of addressing additional recalls?
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>> is pretty staggering. in 2004, the u.s. auto industry, all companies both foreign and domestic recalled a record 30.8 million vehicles. the industry today has recalled about 45 million vehicles. the entire industry has shifted gears. gm is moving far faster to recall vehicles in part because the ceo has said they have completely changed the culture, they no longer look at the cost when assessing its thing should be recalled for a safety issue, but also in may the national highway traffic safety administration proposed a fine on gm for failing to recall ignition to the vehicles in a timely fashion.
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as part of that, gm has agreed to up to three years of intensive monitoring with the government which means sometimes daily phone calls to talk about what potential safety issues they have coming. this is way before they even get to the recall stage. so you have intense government oversight and a company that is basically recall first, ask questions later. as a result that's why you're seeing so many campaigns. it really is a huge number compared to historical averages. >> a quick reminder to our viewers. you can see all the hearings would cover on our website, our thanks to david shepperton, the washington bureau chief of detroit news. >> next tuesday our issue spotlight programming continues with a look at the irs targeting g of conservative programs. we will talk to the irs commissioner. that begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency when a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit the region overnight. it was the biggest earthquake to hit the area in the last 25 years, causing damage and widespread power outages. as of late this morning, it he seven patients were being treated at a hospital. the california office of emergency services has yet to report any fatalities. c-span presents debates on what makes america great, evolution, and genetically modified foods, issues spotlight with in-depth look at veterans health care, irs health, student loan debt, and cap this sexual -- campus sexual assault. in our history tour.
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-- and our history tour. -- us know about what the what you think about the programs you are watching. .all or e-mail us join the conversation, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. >> if you missed any of this morning's newsmakers, you will have another chance to watch later today. , as a presidential candidate in 2016, talked about state issues and politics. here is a preview. >> i think it would do a mistake for our party to continue to look to washington for a place we are going to solve many of the intractable problems facing our country. it's is less about where the leadership emerges from than the focus. to some extent, our party in the
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last quarter century has become as washington center as the democratic party. in my short tenure here as governor of the state of indiana , my message to policy leaders on capitol hill is very simple. when republicans regained the senate the fall and when republicans regained the white house in 2016, i think it is incumbent on our part to promote policies that will permanently reduce the size and scope of the federal government and restore to the state the resources and flexibility to solve problem's of their own jurisdiction. i believe in areas from education, health care, transportation. states are under equipped. i would say it is not so much about where the leadership comes


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